What is a leisure farm and why you should start investing today

According to Colliers’ survey last year, sustainable features and green spaces are some of the amenities that investors are looking for in condominium units. While the study focuses on vertical properties, a leisure farm is the perfect example of sustainable real estate.

For years, real estate investors have been conflicted in choosing residential properties. Some would opt in choosing homes within the confined of modern amenities in metropolitan areas. On the other hand, homebuyers are looking for properties that are within nature.

With leisurefarm communities like Mountain View Leisure Farm and EastWest Breeze Leisure Farm, homebuyers do not have to choose between the two. 

What is a leisure farm?

A leisure farm is an integrated farm community that offers recreational activities and modern agri-tourism practices for its residents. Leisure farms allow residents to have their own space for farming while living a life of splendor. 

Unlike most farm lots in the Philippines, a leisure farm lot is located in areas near major expressways. For instance, the EastWest Breeze Leisure Farm in Indang, Cavite is located within the East-West Road, a soon-to-rise infrastructure project that will connect the provinces of Cavite and Laguna. 

On the other hand, leisure farm communities are an escape from pollution and noise without sacrificing modern lifestyle amenities. The modern lifestyle can be stressful and fast-paced. A leisure farm from developers like VHermosa BrightCorp. offers a laid-back lifestyle while having luxurious lifestyle amenities within reach. 

What amenities does a leisure farm have?

VHBC Resort in Nasugbu, Batangas

Leisure farm amenities depend on the developer. However, most leisure farm communities offer a clubhouse, swimming pool, basketball court, and organic farm displays where residents can plant and grow fresh produce. 

What sets our leisure farm communities here at VHermosa Bright Corp. is that we offer amenities that blend well with nature. For instance, our soon-to-rise leisurefarm community in Nasugbu, Batangas will have an outdoor cinema where visitors can enjoy a blockbuster film within the comfort of mother earth. 

Our leisure farms will also have an outdoor alfresco restaurant and bar and homeowners can enjoy scrumptious gourmet meals every day without going far away. The food in this restaurant is guaranteed fresh as its ingredients will be handpicked from our organic farm. 

Of course, our leisure farm would not be complete without activities that bring you closer to nature. One of our featured amenities is our riverside adventure park perfect for adrenaline junkies looking for action. Our adventure park includes an All-Terrain Vehicle ride, bike trail, and trekking. 

Once you’re done with our adventure park, you can always take a look at the scenic green pastures around our leisure farm communities here at VHermosa Bright Corp. Landowners can have exclusive access to our open parks, fishpond, and green scenic views in our leisure farm communities. 

When is the best time to invest in a leisure farm?

Now is the perfect time to have a leisure farm lot. According to studies, sustainable real estate is what investors are looking for in a property nowadays. A leisure farm community is the best sustainable real estate that anyone can get as it balances luxury and tranquil living. 

In a few years, more and more people will invest in these communities and there will be limited properties available by then. Real estate appreciation is also another factor to consider. Today is the best time to purchase leisure farm lots because property prices will increase in a few years due to appreciation and demand. 

By investingin a leisure farm lot today, you will be one of the first investors in the future of real estate. Whether you are an investor trying to diversify your portfolio or a retiree looking for a retirement home, a leisure farm lot is your best bet. 

Your own leisure farm lot for P5,800/sq.m.


Why should you invest in a leisure farm lot?

Investing in a leisure farm lot has huge returns in the long run. First, living in a leisure farm community gives you the luxury of residing in a place blanketed with trees away from stress and pollution. Having a home close to nature is optimal for health. 

Amenities are also another reason why you should invest in a leisure farm. Amenities present in leisure farms are mostly found in resorts and commercial gardens. With these amenities just beside your doorstep, it would feel as if you are having a vacation every day. 

As a farm lot, investors and clients can raise livestock and use their land for agricultural endeavors. A leisure farm lot is an excellent way to jumpstart your agribusiness and have an excellent return on investment. A leisure farm improves not just the quality of life, but the economic standing of a community as well.

Invest in our leisure farm communities

Couple enjoying life in VHBC

If you are interested in investing in a leisure farm lot today, we have two pre-selling leisure farm communities. 

Our pilot project, EastWest Breeze Leisure Farm is located in Brgy. Daine 1, Indang, Cavite. EastWest Breeze Leisure Farm is a 20-hectare leisure farm community a few minutes away from Cavite State University, Tagaytay, hospitals, and the natural spring resorts in Indang. 

Here are our EastWest Breeze Leisure Farm amenities:

Swimming pool
Basketball court
Kids Playground / open park
Organic farm display area
Riverside Adventure Park
Open Cinema

Our second project, Mountain View Leisure Farm, is a 30-hectare leisure farm located at Munting Indang, Nasugbu, Batangas. This leisure farm lot for sale in Batangas offers an overlooking view of Bataan’s coastline and Nasugbu’s mountains – hence, the name. 

Here are our Mountain View Leisure Farm amenities:

Commercial area
Office with viewing deck
Parking area
Fish pond
Basketball court
Swimming pool
Botanical garden

Our investors and clients have the chance of changing the way they live. A leisure farm is the future of the real estate and VHermosa Bright Corp. has the vision of building a sustainable community for its clients and investors. 

Experience life from a new perspective today and invest in VHermosa Bright Corp. today. If you are interested in investing in our communities, you can contact +63 917 162 6920 or sendus a message

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