Must-visit resorts in Indang for your next summer getaway

If you are thinking of ways of beating the summer heat, you are not alone. Now is the perfect time to gather your family for an outing. There are underrated destinations in the country for swimming. One of these destinations is Indang, Cavite. There are many great reasons to visit resorts in Indang this summer. 

Reasons to visit resorts in Indang

The resorts in Indang are connected to natural spring water. Unlike otherresorts, the waters in these resorts are free-flowing through their rivers. This means that expats are guaranteed to have clean water when swimming in Indang. The resorts in Indang don’t rely on much chlorine. 

Moreover, the waters in Indang’s resort are cold even in the summer. This is because these waters come from natural springs and rivers. Indang itself is a municipality with a colder climate. 

This is because Indang is in the same topography as Tagaytay City. Indang’s lush green community is also a reason why this town has excellent weather. Indang’s natural climate and cold waters are reasons to visit this town during summer. 

Another reason to visit resorts in Indang is its reasonable entrance fees. Most resorts in Indang do not higher than PHP 250.00 but will offer world-class services. These include cottages, rooms, and other services for rent. 

The best resorts in Indang, Cavite 

Villa Filomena Natural Spring Resort 

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Villa Filomena Natural Spring Resort is located at Brgy. Kaytambog, Indang, Cavite. This resort in Indang, Cavite is known for its infinity pool and mini waterfalls. Villa Filomena also has a river below five feet and a jungle swing for those who can’t swim. However, the real attraction for tourists is its free-flowing clean waters. 

Villa Filomena also has nipa cottages by the riverside where your family can stay. If you ever get tired from swimming, you can visit their farm display. Villa Filomena has a hanging bridge that will lead you to their display. 

Within this farm are different species of plants and animals. In their garden, you will see one section for flowers and another for fruit-bearing plants. On the other hand, their farm also has different species of chicken and two ostriches. Villa Filomena also has a koi pond.

Cottages by the river in Villa Filomena

 This resort in Indang has guest rooms as well. These rooms have a shower, bathroom, and other amenities. Villa Filomena Spring Resort is only three hours away from Metro Manila. This resort is an excellent choice for those who want to relax in nature. 

Villa Colmenar Natural Spring Resort

Villa Colmenar Natural Spring Resort

Villa Colmenar Natural Spring Resort is located at Brgy. Tambong Kulit, Indang, Cavite. This spring resort in Indang is one of the town’s oldest operating resorts. Since the early 1990s, Villa Colmenar is a household name in Indang. However, this resort became more popular due to social media exposure. 

Today, Villa Colmenar is still visited by locals and tourists. This spring resort has five swimming pools. These pools have different depths to accommodate both children and adults. Their biggest pool has a diving board and slides for more fun. On the other hand, This resort has a kiddie pool with an Instagrammable display of umbrellas by the roof. 

Umbrella by the kiddie pool in Villa Colmenar

To ensure everyone’s safety, this has at least one lifeguard per pool. Villa Colmenar is a resort operating for over three decades. As a result, their management knows the importance of the safety of their customers. 

Villa Colmenar has cottages for small and large groups. A cottage that accommodates 5-10 people is around PHP 150.00. Meanwhile, their pavilion that accommodates 30-50 guests is around PHP 1,500. Their daytime entrance fee is PHP 150.00 for adults and PHP 130.00 for children. 

Villa Colmenar also has a grilling area for barbecue and an in-house milk tea shop. For overnight stays, this resort has different amenities. These include a basketball court, grotto, oval, and air-conditioned rooms with free wi-fi access. 

Villa Colmenar has been one of the best resorts in Indang for years. This is because of their natural spring waters, amenities, and Greek-inspired architecture. Villa Colmenar earned the nickname “Cavite’s Mini Santorini” and is worth the visit. 

Rio Villanuevo Mineral Water Resort 

Rio Villanuevo Spring Resort

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Rio Villanuevo Mineral Water resort opened its doors in the early 90s. Originally, this resort had only two pools. Today, Rio Villanuevo has 11 swimming pools. All of these are using free-flowing waters from a nearby river. Unlike other resorts, Rio Villanuevo doesn’t need to use chlorine to keep its water clean. 

For years, Rio Villanuevo has been a haven for Manileños looking for a quick summer getaway. Aside from clean waters, tourists visit this resort because it brings them closer to nature. Rio Villanuevo thrives as a resort because they try their hardest to preserve nature. 

Upon visiting Rio Villanuevo, you will notice the wide array of trees in the area. Five of the swimming pools in this resort are for adults and six are kiddie pools. This resort also has exclusive amenities. These amenities include private rooms, cottages, private pools, and playgrounds. 

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Your next home in Indang 

The resorts in Indang are one reason to visit this hidden gem in Cavite. But what if you can live in a resort-likecommunity in Indang? 

There are many benefits to living in Indang, Cavite. Compared to other areas, Indang has a cooler climate and a quieter atmosphere. The lifestyle in Indang is laid-back and your safety is guaranteed. As an agricultural town, the cost of living in Indang is cheaper compared to other areas in Cavite. 

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