Everything to know about pre-selling properties in the Philippines

Pre-selling is when real estate developers sell properties under construction. When you buy a pre-selling property, you will have to wait for the project completion before turnover. However, you will still pay for your downpayment and eventually, your monthly amortization. Pre-selling properties are mostly houses and condo units. 

Are you planning to buy pre-sellingproperties in the Philippines? If yes, you might want to read this guide before buying one.

Advantages of buying pre-selling properties in the Philippines

Pre-selling properties have a lower price 


Unlike Ready-For-Occupancy (RFO) properties, pre-selling properties are more affordable. This is because there is no physical unit for sale yet. Developers want to have a high occupancy rate before project completion. They do this by selling pre-selling properties below market value.

Aside from affordable prices, pre-selling properties usually have downpayment discounts. Flexible payments like in-house financing are also available in pre-selling properties. On top of these benefits, developers provide incentives for investors.

Most of the time, homebuyers who invest late on a project regret their decision. This is because property prices increase once real estate projects are completed. As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. If you want to save more in your investment, you should invest in pre-selling properties. 

Pre-selling properties provide better options 

The pre-selling stage gives you the best investment options. This is because you can choose freely from the project plan. For instance, you can have the best house or condo facing a certain direction or near amenities you like. The later you buy, the lesser property options you can have. 

This is because more people already bought the best properties in the project. At this point, you are left with properties that are either too expensive or don’t have an ideal location. You don’t want to miss the chance of having the best property for the lowest price. 

Pre-selling properties are a safe investment 


As mentioned earlier, pre-selling properties are cheaper. Once the turnover is complete, its property price increases. Another factor that will increase your property’s worth is real estate appreciation. Property prices inevitably increase. With these two factors, your property might double in value after a few years. All you have to do is wait.

Another way of profiting from pre-selling properties is by flipping them. What you can do is buy a pre-selling property and make the necessary improvements. Afterward, you can sell the property for a better price. This might take some effort, but it will give you a better reward for your investment. 

Your pre-selling properties can also be through rent. What you can do is invest in a pre-selling property. Then, rent the property once the turnover is complete. Amenities, property location, and local rent prices can increase your rent. In no time, you can generate more profit than your actual investment. 

There are many ways to have profits through pre-selling properties. Pre-selling properties allow you to buy low and sell high. Your initial safe investment might be the key to generational wealth. All you have to do is choose the best one. 

Tips on choosing the best-pre-selling properties

Check the legitimacy

There are a lot of benefits to pre-selling properties. Unfortunately, fraudulent developers use it for scams. Before investing, you should first check the developer’s legitimacy. A reputable real estate developer such as VHermosa Bright Corp. will have the necessary documents to operate. 

Prices are another thing to watch. It is true, pre-selling properties are cheaper than RFOs. However, you shouldn’t trust anything too good to be true. Before investing in pre-selling properties, you should check reasonable property prices. Never pay for prices that are too high or too low.

Property amenities 


Amenities can determine property value. A savvy investor would know a project’s amenities and its benefits in the long run. Pre-selling properties have layouts and project amenities available. These amenities can also be a factor in checking whether prices are reasonable or not. 

One amenity that investors might overlook is location. In real estate, location plays an important part. Make sure that your property location is in-line with your goals. For rentals, it is best to invest near major roads. For residents, properties away from flood zones and fault lines are necessary. Good thing that our pre-selling communities are both! 

Easy purchase 

Real estate developers have different ways of selling real estate properties. Look for pre-selling properties with the most affordable price and flexible payment schemes. This way, you can have the best deals and easy payment methods. You should also check the discount that you can get before investing. 

You should also consider getting pre-selling properties that can get your life easier. This means that you should invest in companies that are efficient in processing documents. With developers like VHermosa Bright Corp.m all you have to do is pay and everything else will come along. 

The best-pre-selling properties in Cavite and Batangas

EastWest Breeze Leisure Farm


EastWest Breeze Leisure Farm offers leisurefarm lots in Indang, Cavite. With EastWest Breeze, you can have your farm lot near luxurious amenities. Some of these amenities include a clubhouse, fishpond, and organic farm display. Unlike other farms, EastWest Breeze is inside a gated community with security guards.

EastWest Breeze promises a life of luxury within nature. To fulfill this promise, our leisure farm is located in Daine 1, Indang, Cavite. This area is known for its lush green spaces and tranquil ambiance. This is the only farm in Cavite that will be connected to a major road – the East-West Road project. 

Mountain View Leisure Farm 


Mountain View Leisure Farm will be a community at the foothill of Nasugbu’s mountains. This pre-selling leisure farm offers lots for sale with a view of these mountains. Some of our lots are even situated at the top, giving a bird’s eye view of Cavite and Batangas. Of course, we also have exclusive luxurious amenities. 

Some of these include an events place, kayak range, outdoor bar, and viewing deck. These amenities are never seen before in other Nasugbu properties. If you plan to have a business, Mountain View Leisure Farm has commercial lots available. These commercial lots are accessible within the community. This means that you will never run out of clientele. 

Invest in our pre-selling leisure farm communities 

Most pre-selling properties are condos and houses. These are great investments but you will have no say about property design and specifications. Meanwhile, our leisure farm communities offer farm lots for sale. You can do as you please and have your dream home the way you like it. 

Investing in Mountain View and EastWest Breeze is like buying a pre-selling property in an exclusive subdivision. The difference is that you have the power to choose what your house will look like. Be a part of our community today. Contact us at 0917-162-6920 or inquire here

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