Road Trip Destinations Near Manila

On April 17, Cebu Pacific brought back their Piso Fare promo. With this promo, travelers can book international and domestic flights for as low as one peso. This promo is available from April 17-19 and the travel period will be from August 1, 2023, to March 31, 2024. 

It is best if you take this opportunity to travel with your family. Traveling is one of the best experiences any person could have. 

As you go to different local destinations, you get the chance to learn about new cultures and have new experiences. For starters, traveling locally is the best way to go. 

While exploring the country is the dream of many, not everyone has the budget. Promos like the Piso Fare can be a lifesaver for many. However, you will have to wait a few months before your travel period. 

If you need to travel today, one of the best options you can have is road-tripping. Luckily, there are budget-friendly road trip destinations near Metro Manila. 

North Luzon

Baguio City

Baguio City's homes overlooking the mountains

Baguio City is one of the country’s most famous tourist sites. Its people, climate, and nature will make you want to come back again. 

Thanks to the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEX), Baguio City from Manila is now only three hours away. 

This summer, expect a flock of tourists in Baguio City due to its cold weather. Its high elevation in the mountains makes the province makes it at least cooler than Metro Manila by at least 8 °C. 

Due to its cultural heritage, Baguio City is rich in arts. You can see different crafts, paintings, and museums like the BenCab Museum and Kidlat Tahimik's Ili-Likha Artists Village to name a few.

La Union

Families enjoying La Union's beach waves

For Millennials and Gen Zs, La Union is a place for beach parties. However, there is more to “Elyu” than its festivities. La Union is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Its relaxing waves make the place a hub for surfing. 

The best time to catch the waves in La Union is from July to October for the North Swell and November to March for the South Swell. Aside from hanging out at the beach, tourists can also enjoy La Union’s local cuisine. 

There are limited fast-food restaurants in La Union. Instead, you will be treated to local restaurants that specialize in different cuisines. Places like Tagpuan sa San Juan, Sabong Fried Chicken, and El Union Coffee have been the talk of the town for serving Filipino classics. 

Central Luzon


Kapampangans are known for their culinary prowess. This is why Pampanga is hailed as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines. 

Traveling to Pampanga allows you to explore the birthplace of tocino and sisig. Moreover, the uniqueness of Kapampangan cuisine is something that you should experience. The good news is that Pampanga is only an hour away from Manila.

Sisig: A Filipino dish mostly served in drinking parties and special occasions.

Sisig is an iconic Filipino dish made from pork jowls and is served on a sizzling plate. Even the late chef Anthony Bourdain said that it can win the hearts of the world. This dish originated from Luciana “Aling Lucing” Cunanan. Tasting the original sisig recipe from Aling Lucing Sisig is an experience you shouldn’t miss in Pampanga. 

Aside from Aling Lucing Sisig, other restaurants in Pampanga can give you the best Kapampangan cuisine. Some of these include the original Razon’s of Guagua, Mila’s Tokwa’t Baboy, and Bale Capampangan. 


Zambales is another must-see destination only four hours away from Metro Manila. When it comes to Zambales tourist spots, Subic always comes to mind.

Inflatable Island | Photo from Facebook

Subic has several destinations that your family can enjoy this summer. One of these is the Inflatable Island in Subic Bay. 

This waterpark is one of its kind as it is the biggest inflatable playground in Asia. Feel like a kid again and visit Inflatable Island’s floating playgrounds, slides, towers, and obstacle courses!

Nagsasa Cove | Photo from Facebook

On the other hand, then you can visit Anawangin and Nagsasa Coves if you just want to unwind. These beaches are known for their ash-colored sand due to the Mt. Pinatubo eruption. Its lush green forests are perfect for camping and its crystal blue waters for a laid-back atmosphere. Visiting these islands gives you a break from modern life.

Mapanuepe Lake | Photo from Facebook

Another destination with a tranquil vibe is Mapanuepe Lake. Dubbed the “New Zealand of Zambales, its scenic view of the lake surrounded by hills and pine trees is perfect for lazy outings and camping. 

South Luzon

Tagaytay City

The magnificent Taal Volcano. View from Tagaytay City

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Tagaytay City is only two hours away from Metro Manila. Because of its proximity and scenic views, Tagaytay is always a go-to destination for Manileño who wants to have a quick getaway. 

One of the reasons why people go to Tagaytay is its scenic views. Sites like the Picnic Grove and Sky Ranch offer tourists an overlooking view of the majestic Taal Volcano. Another reason why people go to this city is because of the climate. 

Tagaytay’s elevation is higher than other places in Luzon. Because of this, Tagaytay’s climate is cooler, especially at night. Some even say that Tagaytay City is the second summer capital of the country next to Baguio. 

 Family-friendly places are in Tagaytay as well. Tagaytay has tourist sites, hotels, alfresco malls, and parks that the family can enjoy. 


Fortune Island in Nasugbu, Batangas

Batangas is a tourist destination that is two hours away from Manila. As a destination, this province has a lot to offer for people looking for an affordable vacation. 

This summer, you might want to go to Batangas if you want to see the wonders of nature. From stunning beaches to mountains, you will never run out of places to visit in Batangas. You can enjoy snorkeling, hiking, and playing watersports in the province. 

After having fun under the sun, you can explore the province’s rich cuisine for a food crawl. Batangas has a culture of preparing food in huge servings. When visiting, expect to have scrumptious food in large quantities for an affordable price. 

An investment near Batangas and Tagaytay

Investing in a lot for sale near tourist destinations is a great advantage. First, you can have a home accessible to essential establishments in your area. These include roads, schools, and hospitals. 

Having a farm lot near tourist sites also allows you to have a vacation as you, please. You no longer have to travel long miles just to unwind. Living in places near Tagaytay and Batangas gives you the relaxing life you deserve. 

Businesses can also prosper better in areas near tourist sites. Customer flow and the demand for services are constant in these areas. All you have to do is capitalize on your venture. 

Mountain View Leisure Farm is a pre-selling leisure farm community in Nasugbu ideal for both wanderlusts and entrepreneurs. 

Its location, Munting Indang, is only a few minutes away from Tagaytay City and Batangas. Sooner, this leisure farm community will be connected to major expressways. This makes travel time to nearby tourist spots easier. Invest in our lots for sale today and experience Nasugbu from a different perspective. 

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