Know the wonderful town of Indang, Cavite

Cavite is one of the best places to live in Southern Luzon. Economists even predict that Cavite will be the next Metro Manila in a few years. People who look for properties in Cavite choose areas near Metro Manila. Rural areas like Indang, Cavite have always been a second choice. 

If you are looking for a house and lot in Cavite, you might want to consider Indang, Cavite. Indang is a landlocked municipality in Cavite’s seventh district. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, Indang has a population of 68,699. Today, Indang aims to become Cavite’s center for Agri-Tourism. 

Living in Indang is a huge lifestyle change. This might be the reset you need for the better. Here are some things that you should know about Indang, Cavite. 

History of Indang, Cavite

Before its foundation, Indang, Cavite was a part of Silang for seven decades. The distance between Indang and Silang town properly made transactions difficult. Because of this, Indangeños petitioned to convert Indang into a separate municipality. On December 1, 1655, the local government declared Indang as a separate municipality. 

Originally, Indang was named after “Indan”, a tree abundant in the area. However, the letter “g” was added during the Philippine Revolution. Today, Indang, Cavite has 36 barangays. 

Key places in Indang, Cavite

As a traditional town, the key places in Indang, Cavite are mostly found within the Indang Town Plaza. Here are some of these places. 

Saint Gregory The Great Parish

The Saint Gregory Parish Church is the Indang’s center of the Catholic faith. Established in 1625, the Saint Gregory Parish is the oldest church in Cavite. Father Angelo Armano founded the church as a mission station. Eventually, the stone church was finished in 1710 under the term of Father Luis Morales. 

During the Philippine Revolution, the church was burned. Andres Bonifacio was accused of this crime along with threatening Indang’s residents. Severino de las Alas, Indang’s philanthropist at the time, stood as witness. Today, you can see de las Alas’ gravestone inside the parish. 

This incident led to Bonifacio’s arrest in Limbon, one of Indang’s oldest barangays. It was also rumored that the church has tunnels. Locals believe that Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo used these tunnels as secret passageways.

Old Municipal Hall

Old Indang Muicipal Hall by Allan Faustino Bella Photography

The old Municipal Hall in Indang is across the Saint Gregory Parish due to the influences of Spanish architecture. Today, the old Municipal Hall serves as a museum of Indang’s precious relics. However, the Commission of Elections office and Indang Police Station are also stationed here. 

On the other hand, the new Indang Municipal Hall is located at Poblacion IV. All government transactions go through this building. 

Cavite State University

Cavite State University (CvSU) has been Cavite’s premiere university for years. Since 2016, CvSU is always included among the top-performing universities in the country. 

CvSU currently has a Level IV accreditation in Agriculture, Biology, and Journalism. This university also remains one of the top-performing universities for criminology. This year, the university is also planning to offer a Doctor of Medicine degree.

Today, CvSU has nine colleges namely:

College of Agriculture, Food, Environment, and Natural Resources
College of Arts and Sciences
College of Criminal Justice
College of Economics, Management, and Development Studies
College of Education
College of Engineering and Information Technology
College of Nursing
College of Sports, Physical Education, and Recreation
College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

    CvSU is home to several top-notch facilities. One of which is their multi-purpose oval. For a small fee, Indangeños can jog and exercise in this newly rubberized oval. Another facility that the public can use is the University Library and Saluysoy Resort. 

    The good news is that this prestigious university has no tuition fees. This is because of Republic Act 10931. Residents of Indang are close to a renowned university such as CvSU that offers free education. 

    Indang Transport Terminal

    Indang transport terminal is the only place you need to go if you need to travel. Before, the means of transport in Indang were scattered around the town plaza. In 2014, the local government demolished the park across the Indang Covered Court. This became the present Indang Transport Terminal. 

    Each barangay in Indang has a designated color in Indang Transport Terminal. You can see this color on the sticker. Transport fares depend on your destination. However, you can spend less if you wait for at least two other passengers to travel to the same destination. 

    On the other hand, Indang Transport Terminal has four jeepney terminals. You can find jeepneys going to these routes:

    • Trece Martires (Kaytapos, Alulod, Mataas na Lupa, Trece Martires)
    • Dasmariñas (Trece, General Trias, Dasma Bayan via Governor’s Drive)
    • Tagaytay (Buna Cerca, Mahabang Kahoy, Mendez, Tagaytay City)
    • Alfonso (Tambo, Tambong Ilaya, Tambong Kulit, Lumampong, Guyam, Alfonso)

    Every Wednesday and Saturday, the jeepneys going to Alfonso are stationed at the Indang Public Market. On the other hand, jeepneys going to Naic, Cavite are always stationed in the public market. 

    When it comes to bus routes, Indang Transport Terminal has buses that go from Indang to Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange. 

    Indang Public Market

    The Indang Public Market is located at Poblacion IV near the new Municipal Hall and Rural Health Unit. You can also reach the Indang Philpost branch in the Indang Public Market. 

    On the left side of the market, you will see different vendors selling all kinds of street food. There are also stores in the public market that sells affordable lunch meals, pastries, and snacks. On the right, you will see grocery stores and shops that sell ceramics, fabrics, and home items. 

    Once you enter the market, you will first go through the dry market. This dry market offers freshly picked vegetables from farms around Cavite. This product is sure to be fresh and more affordable compared to prices in other areas. The same goes for processed foods, meat, fish, and other animal products. 

    The Indang Public Market is always open. However, Wednesday and Saturday are the best days to shop. This is because these days are the “market days” in Indang. During these days, all stalls are open. 

    There are no sources that tell why people in Indang go to the market these days. However, this has been the town’s culture for decades. 

    Shopping centers in Indang

    Indang, Cavite has two main shopping centers within the town plaza. The first of these centers is L’Paseo located beside Saint Gregory Parish. This commercial complex is home to different merchants and stores. You can find Jollibee Indang. Mercury Drug Indang, and Alfamart in L’Paseo as well.

    Plaza Coronel, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

    On L’Paseo’s left is Plaza Coronel. For years, Plaza Coronel has been the go-to spot for high school students looking for budget-friendly meals. Like L’Paseo, Plaza Coronel has stores selling different items. However, Indangeños know Plaza Coronel for its food stalls and grocery items. 

    Living in Indang, Cavite

    If three words define living in Indang, that would be simple, tranquil, and peaceful. Most people living in Indang would wake up early in the morning to prepare for work and school. As they sip their morning coffee, they have a breeze of cool, fresh air coming from the trees surrounding their barangays. 

    As citizens, Indangeños live in harmony with their neighbors. Indang is a town where everybody knows everybody. With that, people mostly get along. Some people from certain barangays have a strong accent. They might have a naturally louder voice but see to it that they are not angry when talking. 

    This town also has everything a person would ever need. From food to education, you don’t need to leave Indang to have these necessities. However, you can easily access nearby cities if you ever want to buy your wants. Thanks to Indang’s strategic location and efficient transport system. 

    Topography is another reason why Indang is an excellentresidential location. Indang, Cavite is not present in any active fault lines, volcanoes, and coastlines. Flash floods won’t happen as well because Indang has a high elevation. Not to mention, Indang has a cooler climate compared to other areas in Cavite due to its forests. 

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