6 factors that affect real estate prices in Cavite

Cavite is one of the best locations for real estate in the Philippines. As a property hotspot, real estate prices in Cavite increase fast. If you are a real estate investor, buying Cavite properties is a great move. 

Real estate prices in Cavite are not equal. There are factors that affect these prices. Each buyer has their preference and the best properties are those that align with what want you to look for in a house or land. 

As an investor, knowing the different factors in real estate prices gives you an edge. It makes you have an educated decision on what to invest on depending on your needs. 

Factors that affect real estate prices in Cavite

Geographical location 

The physical attributes of the land determine real estate prices in Cavite. These attributes include topography, climate, and soil quality. 

Topography has a direct effect on residential properties when it comes to development costs. Constructing houses on uneven lands is more costly compared to flat areas. This is why mountainous areas have a higher price for construction.  

On the other hand, climate affects property values directly. Property values are lower in areas at risk for natural calamities. The good news is areas like Indang, Cavite is nowhere near flood zones, volcanoes, and fault lines. 

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Nearby establishments 

Establishments determine real estate prices in Cavite as well. Property prices in cities like Bacoor and Imus are higher compared to rural areas. This is because these cities offer convenience to their residents. 

Some establishments that increase property values are:

  • shopping malls
  • churches
  • universities
  • banks
  • hospitals

The demand for properties near these areas is always high. Once all these establishments are present in an area, expect property prices to increase. 

Places near commercial districts also increase real estate prices in Cavite. More homebuyers are wanting to buy homes in Cavite because of its proximity to Metro Manila. Filipinos living there have the opportunity to work in the Metro and go after a few hours of travel. 



Demographics describe a population’s age, gender, amount of wealth, spending habits, and growth. Real estate prices in Cavite can change once a certain demographic has a demand altogether. 

For instance, real estate prices might increase once more move into an area. Once a population increases, the demand for services increases as well. After a few years, more municipalities will become cities. 

In the case of Cavite, there had been a 3.57% population growth from 2015 to 2020. With this population growth comes increase property prices in Cavite as well. 

Neighborhood amenities 


By definition, amenities are features that make a property more desirable to buyers. Location is one amenity that increases value; another is public amenities. 

Public amenities are structures inside a gated community made exclusively for residents. Gated communities play a huge part in Cavite’s real estate market. With a lot of options available, developers build amenities to have an advantage.  

Some of the common public amenities in gated communities are:

  • Clubhouse 
  • Guardhouse 
  • Basketball court 
  • Playground
  • Park

These amenities increase real estate in Cavite. Gated communities ensure that homeowners are safe, and secure, and have open spaces for recreation. This is why investors spend more for these amenities. 



The Philippine economy is something that you cannot control. However, it has a great effect on real estate prices in Cavite. The national economy dictates the number of jobs and purchasing power that people will have. 

If the economy is doing great, more people will likely invest in real estate properties for sale in Cavite. Eventually, property prices will increase due to the demand for homes and farm lots for sale in Cavite. 

And when the economy is in a recession, people might lose jobs or have lesser purchasing power. This will lead to fewer people purchasing real estate properties in Cavite. And when the demand for real estate is low, prices are forced to decrease. 

Transport linkages

Cavite has excellent infrastructure and road networks. Under the Build Build Build program, more roads will sooner be available for public use. Real estate properties near these roads will soon increase in price. 

Upcoming infrastructure projects in Cavite include:

  • Sangley Point International Airport
  • Cavite-Tagaytay-Batangas Expressway
  • Bataan-Cavite Interlink Bridge
  • LRT-1 Cavite Extension
  • East-West Road Project

Properties located near major expressways will give people more convenience in traveling. These roads will also allow growth in local municipalities. Because of infrastructure, real estate prices in Cavite will increase. 

Investing in Cavite 

Investing in Cavite has several benefits. Living in Cavite gives you the opportunity of living in a highly urbanized area but with less pollution. You have everything you need in Cavite. From education to job opportunities, Cavite has the highest quality of basic services. 

On top of that, you can get properties with lower prices in Cavite and have the balance you need. On one hand, you can easily access Metro Manila when living in Cavite. On the other, you can unwind in relaxing destinations nearby. 

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